Portable 40 cell Braille, full keyboard computer which can run Microsoft Windows 10.

Just by switching the switch, Seika 7 can be used as a Braille display with Braille input keys or as a computer with Braille display.
Seika7 is compatible with several popular screen reading software programs that are used with mobile phones, PC’s, and Apple devices via Bluetooth or USB. You can install your own prefer screen reader for Microsoft Windows. Free screen reader NVDA is preinstalled.
Lightweight, simple design and user-friendly specs will help you expand your world.

Device description

weight : 900g .
Dimensions: 12.6(W) x 7.6(D) x 1.3(H) inches.
The Seika7 can operate from its internal rechargeable battery or from its adapter.
The Seika7 comes in a leather carrying case. To open the case, lift the flap under the front edge and fold it back.
Place the Seika7 on a flat surface with the Braille display facing you.

On the left side, you’ll find from back to front:
  • DC-IN
  • MicroUSB slot
  • Two vertical USB slot
  • Slide switch which can select working mode
  • Headphone jack

On the rear side, from left to right you’ll find:
  • HDMI TV interface
  • Power button

On the top surface of the Seika7 you’ll find:
  • 40 refreshable braille cells (8 dots)
  • Corresponding to the braille cells, there are raised camber ridges through the rear of each cell. These buttons are called the cursor routing keys.
  • Behind the braille cells is the fully keyboard
  • On both sides of the braille display are oval keys, these are the Left Button (LB) and Right Button (RB).
  • Below Left Button and Right Button, there are two five-direction Navigation joysticks (left, right, up, down and center).

On the front side, from left to right, you’ll find:
  • Four keys, the left two keys and the right two keys.

Hardware Specifications

RAM Memory inside 2G /4G bytes
Flash Memory indise 32G/64G bytes
Memory extension Micro SD Card
Battery Lithium rechargeable battery
Power IN 5V/4A
Keyboard fully keyboard, 6 scroll keys, 40 cursor routing keys, 2 navigation joysticks keys
Braille display 40 refreshable 8-Dot Braille cells
Wireless Bluetooth, Wifi
Interface USB, Headphone jack, Mini usb socket



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